Nael Marwan

Utility classes are an efficient way of allowing you to create methods that you often re-use in your code.

Adding utilities to your automation infrastructure based on Appium/Selenium is tough and takes a long time to implement so that I’m sharing some common utility classes in Java.

Utility classes criteria:
A Utility class should be final.
A Utility class should contain a private constructor.
A Utility class should only contain final static fields.
A Utility class should only contain static methods.

Used open-source libs only.
Please follow the above
criteria in creating your customized utility class.

TestNG Retry Listener

Appium Utilities

Selenium Utilities

PDF Utilities

File Reader Utilities

Appium Capabilities CSV Manager

Happy Testing :)



Nael Marwan

Nael Marwan

Automation Development professional with 6+ years’ experience programming in Java. Highly skilled in programming, QA automation testing.